RANA endeavors to seek growth and improvement in every aspect of life. Urbanization has thrown many challenges impacting our lives in economic, social and cultural spheres. Our goal is to bring a synthesis between stepped-up individualistic life in an urban setting and his social and cultural needs in a harmonious way.

We hold cultural events to give highly urbanized life a social vigor and community feeling. The hard-pressed men living in today’s cities and towns rarely have an opportunity to participate in social events. Their inability to spare time for preparation and activities related to the community becomes widespread in life.

Our earnest efforts support such community members to enjoy the fruits of urbanization while staying social. Grand cultural program are also open for them to participate or partake. Apart from these, we also provide them ample assistance in having gainful employment, improved economic standard and greater access to resources. With RANA members are well placed in various fields and leading experts in economic matters, you stand to gain from their experience and guidance.