RANA focuses on investor facilitation and creation of investment avenues as its key industrial advancement objective. The Rajasthani community is respected for business acumen and entrepreneurship of its members. Our liaison with the government in Rajasthan and its civil society helps investors get fast project approvals. The strong presence of the organization and its interrelations at various levels in India is meant to work as a pressure group to care for interest of genuine of investors.

We also work the ground level across Rajasthan and other areas to create new avenues for investment. Our efforts have succeeded in the development of infrastructure, agriculture, energy, health and education sectors that are now open and suitable for big-ticket investments. RANA’s long history of working in tandem with the civil society allows it to facilitate talks between investors and stakeholders in an amicable ambience.

Our endeavors to develop or assist in the development of human resource, mobilization of people and resources and ensure exchange of technology at global level make industrial advancements a fast reality. The association has become the keystone of coordination between the state on one hand and NRI and NRR investors on the other. Investors and entrepreneurs within the community find it handy to link with their ideas and plans and execute them without much hassle.