RANA focuses on developing technology centers in villages to make lives more connected to the other parts of the world and facilitate exchanging the best ideas of the both worlds. Its technology exchange program has the following objectives.

  • Empowering people with technology
    Living has become easy, sophisticated and thriving with the aid of modern technologies at our disposal.  However, a large part of our community living in rural India lacks access to this benefit of technology. RANA is working with zeal to empower them with these advancements so that they become free from the vicious cycle of poverty and maximize their wellbeing.
  • Eliminating digital divide
    Within our community the digital divide is very much pronounced. While those in North America are on the up, those living in Rajasthan are yet to get learn its basic adoption. We intend to end the gap and facilitate digital revolution for the betterment of the every strata in the society. It will improve intercommunity communication, encourage sharing of cultural values and improve social uplink between Rajasthanis living worldwide.
  • Creating avenues for technology exchange and assimilation
    RANA’s prime motive is to bring all Rajasthanis on a single platform to enable exchange and assimilation of technology for the advancement of all. Whether living in the villages of Rajasthan or modern cities of America, every Rajasthani has inherent and innovative abilities. We belief that the best tools and technologies of the both worlds come together to complement and augment each other.
  • Facilitating economic use of technology
    Let the technology become the mean to fight poverty, increase employment opportunities, boost resource mobilization and utilization, facilitate investment opportunities and steer the economic development.
  • Enabling discovery and adoption of technology
    RANA takes special interest in discovery and adoption of technology of various ages and explore ways and means to ensure their application in the present-day life.