RANA’s main objective is to morally and financially help Rajasthani people in particular and all those in need in general. By God’s grace and hard works of our forefathers the community is well endowed with all types of resources. Many in the community have reached pinnacles of prosperity by dint of merit and their self-created ability. We owe a duty to share a part of that fortune for the upliftment and advancement of other fellow beings left behind.

The Rajasthani community is well appreciated for its charitable works, and many of its sons and daughters have carved out a reputation through philanthropic activities. Taking a cue from them, RANA also carries out similar charitable activities and back them with community resources. It gives the credit for entire charitable and humanitarian services to the Rajasthani community as a whole and takes pride in being its extended arm.

We have demonstrated our philanthropic commitments in the field of education, healthcare, free food distribution, projects to empower women, drought relief, post-earthquake rehabilitation. Our success in the fight against hunger, poverty, unemployment and deprivation has been more than expected so far and the association takes pride in its services to the humanity.

RANA welcomes all community members willing to join its charitable works, directly or indirectly, through financial, intellectual, or other forms of support. You encouragement gives us strength and smiles on millions of faces. We strongly believe in empowering our fellow beings so that they can look after themselves without any hurdle in leading a comfortable life free from all miseries and contribute to the betterment of the community as a whole.