Ever since its foundation, RANA has been at its forefront of activities preserving, promoting and propagating the Rajasthani

heritage. Intended to benefit the community members directly and enrich the human society in the long term, we are working to
achieve social welfare, cultural integration, economic improvement, philanthropic dissemination in education and healthcare and other fields.

The NRI and NRR community has become emerged as a social and cultural beacon in North America. The wide participation of Rajasthanis in the Rajasthan International Convention demonstrates the unified sense and identity consciousness among them. It was the only of its kind meet where NRRs of all walks of life came together and interacted with the Rajasthan Government on various issues of their interest.

RANA outpaces other NRI associations in America as far as it philanthropic work is considered. We have put considerable resources toward augmenting education and healthcare infrastructure in rural Rajasthan. Our volunteers have been working tirelessly with authorities there to tackle drought conditions and ensure the general welfare with focus on old, infirm, disabled, children and women.