Rajasthan Association of North America came into existence many years ago when a group of people from Rajasthan living in New York founded the association. Today, RANA is a bigger reality than once it was imagined as, and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan along with many Maharajas and respectable businessmen are patron members of it.

The association came in to existence with a purpose to unite all Rajasthanis on a single platform, preserve the Rajasthan’s Culture and Heritage and instill Rajasthani values amongst the younger generation. RANA’s objectives focus on performing charitable activities in the areas of education, healthcare and social welfare and thereby contributing to the home state by promoting economic and industrial development. It cherishes an ideal setting to create a fraternal bond between Rajasthan (the beloved homeland) and Rajasthanis living in North America and other countries.

In a short span, RANA’s membership has grownmanifold and the association has been instrumental in uniting the community spread across North America. The bond continues to flourish and strengthen with RANA organizing traditional cultural and social events, such asHoli and Diwali, with uniquevividness and sparkles of Rajasthan. These functions are attended by hundreds of Rajasthanis.

Apart from organizing cultural events, RANA is greatly dedicated toward various philanthropic activities. It has generously donated toward earthquake relief in India and also contributed to minimize and tackledrought conditions in Rajasthan. The association has set up an Education Fund that helps deserving students through scholarships.

RANA also runs free health clinics where people can consult the physicians free of cost throughout the New York metropolitan area. We also run similar free consultation services in areas of tax, accounting, immigration and other legal matters for all.

The association acts as a connecting link with the State of Rajasthan through its regular liaison with the provincial government there. RANA succesfully organized a Rajasthan International Convention, and it was a grand accomplishment. The state chief minister with a high level delegation graced this occasion. The Rajasthan Government was the co-sponsor and participated in this important event. It was the second such international convention (the first being held in Jaipur on the occasion of Rajasthan’s Golden Jubilee).

RANA’s future goals focus on making it a wider organization with Chapters or Regional offices in every North American state. We also want to build a Community Center, which people can proudly mention it as their own and come together to celebrate the various festival and cultural activities.