Prime Approach

RANA is driven with a passion to improve life, expand the reach, and contribute to the enrichment of Rajasthani community, culture and heritage globally. Our efforts are direct toward achieving the following goals.
  • Philanthropic: RANA’s main objective is to morally and financially help Rajasthani people in particular and all those in need in general.
  • Social and Cultural: One of the core deals of RANA is to inculcate social and cultural values that are pompous part of Rajasthani heritage and support their coexistence in the modern life.
  • Welfare: People of Rajasthan are well endowed with financial and intellectual resources and we strive to encourage our members to share those with each other to facilitate improvements each other’s lifestyles. RANA is the right platform to bring people together for shared prosperity.
  • Integration: Our focus is to facilitate combined effort and ensure single personalities working together to help community and ensure its well being.
  • Cumulative Population: RANA encourages Rajasthani youth to live within and help Rajasthani community grow, expand and prosper with distinction and remain committed to its values.
  • Enhancing Standards: Our ancestors had left indelible footprints in the form of Rajasthani heritage and RANA’s efforts are geared toward becoming its standard flag bearer.
  • Education and Healthcare Awareness:  RANA’s aim is to bring awareness of the health and education in the Rajasthan’s remote villages and establish teaching and research facilities to empower people living there.
  • Technology Exchange: We focus on developing technology centers in villages to make lives more connected to the other parts of the world and facilitate exchanging the best ideas of the both worlds.
  • Urbanization: RANA endeavors to seek growth and improvement in every aspect of life.
  • Economic and Industrial Advancements: To help people both at home and abroad to become equal partners in economic development.