RANA is the platform to help people both at home and abroad to become equal partners in economic development and enjoy fruits of development. We are committed to focus on:
  • Economic development of the community as a whole and empowerment of each and every member of it so that they have improved lifestyle, better employment and resources to exploit opportunities.
  • Technology for economic progress entails using the latest advancements in science and technology for the development of skills and expertise so that there will be trained manpower to work in various sectors and improve service delivery.
  • Facilitation of economic planning and implementation ensures liaisoning with authorities, voluntary groups, civil society and other non-profit organizations to help improve the economic position and resourcefulness of the poor and deprived.
  • Encouraging exchange of economic ideas focuses on creating a platform where entrepreneurs share each other’s story and inspire others. This enthuses with the prospect of interflow of ideas within the community and their refinement by skilled members for the exploitation and application.
  • Furthering goals of liberalization and globalization helps the scattered Rajasthanis come closer, share ideas and support economic development in and around the community. We facilitate inter community and intra-community dialogues so that new avenues will open and enrich our people further.
Resource mobilization and utilization objective entails conscious efforts for the origination, development and pooling of human, economic, financial, cultural and technological resources and providing entrepreneurs better and early process implementation without any inconvenience.