RANA’s aim is to bring awareness of the health and education in the Rajasthan’s remote villages and establish teaching and research facilities to empower people living there. We have tied up with Human Benefit Services, which has been at the forefront of promoting “self-sustainable development of education, women empowerment and health infrastructure in rural Rajasthan.”

Our partnership aims at making a real difference in the lives of rural people through better education, superior healthcare and greater life opportunities. To make the reach more extensive with comprehensive outcomes, the attention is on creating self-sustainable models of development that can continue by and through villagers while preparing them for the 21st century.

The three main areas of concern under such activities are

  • Education of rural children
  • Health infrastructure in villages
  • Empowerment of women

Children in rural Rajasthan lack basic educational facilities. Abject poverty and lack of resources force many of them to engage in child labor. Even those getting access to education are far behind by today’s standards. This seriously dents the progress of the community and put questions on our future as a whole.

RANA’s objective is to create a pool of resources through community contribution and utilize it in improving access and quality of education in villages. Schools are established and upgraded in remote areas so that they can prepare the children to bring out the best in themselves and become the benevolent members of the society.

Rural health infrastructure in Rajasthan is seriously lacking. Even there are no basic facilities to treat the populace within hundreds of kilometer radius, and administrative apathy is widespread. RANA tries to create public health infrastructure in rural areas so that people there can have better treatment options at low cost. We are also working with priority to improve healthcare access for old, sick and disabled persons through mobile hospitals.

Without empowering the women, any community cannot boast its affluence. Women constitute the backbone and are truly guardians of our community conscience and heritage. RANA’s vision of empowerment focuses on:

  • Improving literacy rate and educational standard of women
  • Helping them identify and start economic means of livelihood
  • Making them equal partners in social progress

Building and enhancing their capacity and resourcefulness through training and support