Rajasthanis, by God’s grace and sheer their dint of merit, have been able to achieve immense success in various fields. They have so much of financial and intellectual resources that can be shared with other, who can benefit and prosper to uplift their lifestyles. RANA is the right platform to bring people together and channelized their efforts in a consistent and combined way.

RANA strive to encourage our members to share their means of welfare – social, intellectual and economic – with each other to facilitate improvements in each other’s lifestyles. It connects Rajasthanis from all hues and such an effort envisages a vision of shared well being and a mission of community welfare.

We must admit that the community spectrum is not fully egalitarian and inequality prevails in lives for paucity of resources and means of livelihood. While many of us are on a higher pedestal through inheritance, education and better environment, many of our fellow community brothers live in despair and unfavorable conditions. They are yet to accrue the benefit of modern life, technology and economic progress.

Let all live in happiness and well being prevails across the community. With this motto, RANA is working toward bringing all-round community welfare that pervades to the lowly and transmits the beneficial assistance from the highest to the lowest. Our works in empowering disabled, old and sick, providing educational and employment avenues to the youth and using technology to decimate the digital divide showcase RANA efforts in that direction.