Rana Future Aspirations

  • Unity and Integration: RANA’s goal is to bring together single personalities in various fields to work together to consciously develop community feeling and combined ability to progress.
  • Improving Lives: We strive to develop technology centers in villages to make them more connected to Rajasthanis living in the other parts of the world and exchange best of the both worlds and contribute to shared development.
  • Enhancing Cultural and Traditional Awareness: Preserve and protect Culture and Traditions that define the essence of life and create an awareness of it among the new generation.
  • Improving Standards of Thoughts and Presence: By organizing seminars to encourage exchange of views on different educational and social subjects that can enhance positivity and standard of thoughts.
  • Integrating Cultural and Family Attributes to Enhance Family values: RANA plans to spreadRajasthani culture and tradition, especially youth living worldwide, so that they will remain strongly connected with their roots.