General Welfare

  • RANA has persuaded the Rajasthan Government to set-up separate wings of NRI’s & NRR’s (Non-Resident Rajasthanis).
  • We have been contributing in various social and welfare projects for the people living in Rajasthan and in India.
  • RANA also has participated in formulation of policies and procedures to up-lift economic development in Rajasthan with the help of NRI’s and NRR’s.
  • We are providing assistance in the area of medical, educational and social welfare for those in need of such services.
  • We have requested to Rajasthan Government and proposed central government for recognition of the Rajasthani language in eighth schedule of the Indian constitution.
  • Our organization is at the forefront of projects aimed at empowerment of women. We have been patronizing self-help women groups and working toward improving female literacy rate in Rajasthan.
  • The association is helping Rajasthani students and migrants to get necessary help in foreign lands and settle there with gainful opportunities.
  • We have been successful in building the image of Rajasthan as India’s premier tourist destination.
  • RANA has been working with the state authorities to create better business prospects and safeguard the interest of investors.