RANA facilitates combined effort and ensure single personalities working together to help community and ensure its well being. We seek integration at three different areas.

  • Physical integration, whereby all community members are integrated with a single hue of liaison pronouncing the essence of Rajasthani heritage and proclaim their willingness to assist each other in achieving their best selves. A fraternal bond based on common identity is bound to usher a new life at individual level and infuse more strength to the community as a whole.

  • Social and cultural integration, whereby different generations of Rajasthanis, whether young or old, male or female, technocrats or entrepreneurs, lawyers or activists, or just common men, are united to bolster their common legacy and proudly showcase cultural values. This has a great significance in encouraging the symbols and signs that define our heritage and pronounce its magnificent exhibition at the world stage.

  • Economic and intellectual integration, whereby the best attributes of both worlds meet each other and share their expertise and experience for economic and intellectual progress. Our civilization is one of the oldest and its legacy offers a splendid view of human valor, resilience, and ways to fight adversity with intellectual solutions at different stages of life. The western world is full of opportunities and means to express one’s abilities to the fullest. When the social and intellectual abilities of the east empower the individualistic approach of the west, a new world of progress and prosperity will be shaped.