RANA encourages Rajasthani youth to live within and help the community grow, expand and prosper with distinction and remain committed to its values. The biggest stumbling block in any community is the lack of dialogue and differences between its generations. Our efforts are directed toward reconciliation between various generations and bringing them as equal stakeholders in the social and cultural progress of the Rajasthani community.

We aim at bringing the Rajasthani community in to a single platform and facilitate inter-community dialogue and development. Today’s youth unaware of the glorious past and rich cultural heritage, have the notions of complexity about their own background. RANA make every possible effort to bring out a sense of realization in them and mitigate the differences.

Rajasthani youths are the future of our community and standard bearers of its future progress. Our social and cultural events focus on their active participation in the community life and imbibitions of its values. RANA highlight the unique sense of our culture and its aspects compatible with the modern life. We do not advocate any “community-centric life,” but a life that is not too detached from the community mainstream and its human core.

RANA facilitates intercommunity meet and matches though public events and allows the youth to understand each other, share the concerns, present their visions and work for the development of the society.