RANA has emerged on the overseas scene as one of the most influential community organization. Social and cultural sphere continues to be the prime focus and we have made significant headway there.  Our achievements in the field include:

Rajasthan International Convention
RANA organized the Rajasthan International Convention in 2003. Held at New York for three days, the global meet was second such meet after 2000 Jaipur RIC. It was attended by the chief minister of Rajasthan and over 1,100 important personalities, businessmen, dignitaries, professionals and community leaders from various countries. It was an effort to know what was happening back home and how the NRRs could be a part of the economic growth and development of the State.

RANA has made the event a standard celebration, where the NRR community explores opportunities and maximizes their integration, progress and development. The fourth meet was held in July 2014 with the theme HEALTHY & LITERATE RAJASTHAN.

Cultural Events
We also hold regular cultural events to showcase our heritage and integrate all community brethrens. Holi and Dewali are vigorously celebrated with traditional flair and flavor every year. Our cultural meets combine the showcase of the grandeur and glory of Rajasthan with its culinary culture, tourism prospects, and business awareness.

Social Integration
RANA has become the largest platform of Rajasthanis outside India. It has been able to bring together thousands of community members staying in North America and provide them a platform to celebrate their identity. We are spreading the message of Peace, Unity, Harmony, and unite Rajasthanis living abroad and back home.