“We Are Truly Motivated”

22 years ago, few families from Rajasthan origin opened the door for the entire community of Rajasthan and inaugurated an association known as “Rajasthan Association of North America” with set of objectives to maintain and enhance social and cultural values. Today this organization has presence in the global map and working relentlessly towards achieving its objectives.

This organization truly has created a platform for citizens of Rajasthan, living in Rajasthan and India and also living in the rest of the world including United States of America. We collectively must take pride in whatever have achieved so far. However, we have lots of unfinished tasks. We need to grow the membership base of the organization. Thousands of families from Rajasthan origin have yet to join RANA. We can only gain momentum if we are all together on one platform advocating the objectives and goals of RANA. In addition, we need to find ways to help families and individuals in Rajasthan and other parts of India who are willing to migrate to America. We have to work on providing them the tools and walk them through immigration and employment process to migrate to America.

While we are focused to increase membership base and get families in America through legal channels, we will continue to further our core objectives to enhance social and cultural values by means of social & cultural event through out the year.

The community has so much of financial and intellectual resources that it can certainly be shared with those individuals and families who can benefit and prosper to uplift their lifestyles.
Rajasthan has rich heritage, history and culture. Many people from western world want to experience rich heritage, culture and history of Rajasthan. RANA’s objective is to educate the western world and invite them to experience the history, culture and traditional values of our beautiful state. RANA aims to continue to increase the travel and tourism in Rajasthan.

We have set forth the agenda stated in the above paragraphs,  however, need support from all the readers to accomplish the defined agenda. I am confident that we will bring our thoughts in action immediately.

I, as an officer and a new team members of RANA, am committed to focus on unfinished task. Rajasthan has enormous wealth of human capital and America is the land of opportunity for people from Rajasthan origin. The integration of capital is likely to bring enormous intellectual and financial wealth back home, while enriching cultural and social prosperity of families living in United States of America.

We will soon be making announcements for all events during the year 2015.

Let us collectively make RANA a very dynamic organization with resourceful group of businessmen and professional who are courageous, convincing, captivating and visionary to achieve the objectives and pre-defined goals.

Thank you for your enduring partnership and commitment to the organization. We are achieving great things and the future is brighter than ever.Together, we are strong, savvy, committed and building the strongest organization for the community, of the community and by the community.